Boyd Georgi, A.I.A Upland, Ca.

I usually don’t go to open house’s for the fun of it, but I had to check this one out. I’m a fan of Boyd Georgi designs as I live in one here in Claremont. I was surprised to see this one in Upland, Ca. Truly an  amazing house! Might need to put an offer on this one…More info Here


William Abbott A.I.A.

Located in Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca and designed by William Abbott in 1970. The combination of cedar wood and glass works well with the surroundings, very organic.

Millard Sheets Studio In 8mm

This is a short video montage I made of Millard Sheets studio here in Claremont, which is now an optometry office. Built in 1958 and was recently landscaped by architect Domingo Paglia. Beautiful building and grounds. Music by Charles Mingus track called Goodbye Pork Pie Hat appears on album Mingus Ah Um. One of my favorite jazz tunes for sure…

The Benjamin House, Fred McDowell A.I.A

This house that was built for the parent’s of Karl Banjamin, by Karl’s good friend and architect Fred McDowell. Located in Santa Barbara, California. This house was built  3 years after Karl’s house was built here in Claremont, somewhere around 1959. Beautiful house built around some massive oak trees. Karl’s paintings really compliment this style of architecture.

Tozier & Abbott, A.I.A


This house is located in Palos Verdes, Ca. Built in 1973 and designed by Claremont’s own architects, Everett Tozier and William Abbott. Recently on the market for the first time. Photographs by Mayoral Photography. Tozier & Abbott are another of my local architect favorites. They have designed many homes here in Claremont as well as commercial buildings. I will be posting more things concerning Tozier & Abbott, so stay tuned…